Thursday, March 3

List of resources

What would we do without the wonderful world wide web?  Here are some of my favourite sites for writers: 

Listings with jobs and opportunities:

NAWE fortnightly bulletin - Writing jobs, competitions (mostly UK)
Duotrope's Digest - submissions to American and UK anthologies
Saison Poetry Library at the Southbank Centre - regular poetry bulletin.

Journals and ezines that accept email submissions:

Words with Jam
Smokelong Quarterly
Southword Online Journal
10 Flash quarterly
The Shine Journal
The Spilling Ink Review
Big Pulp
Plutonian Times
Underground Voices


British Haiku Society - Archive and regular competitions - Listing and back issues 
Poetry Archive - Huge online collection with both text and audio readings 
The Poetry Society - Events, local groups etc - News and events - Daily email of a poem by a contemporary writer

Short stories:

Campaign for the Short Story - Information, advice and link.
The Short Review - reviews of new and classic collections.

Some good blogs (see my profile for many more!):

howapoemhappens - poets explain how their work was inspired & edited
strictlywriting - a group of authors tackle all aspects of the craft
sixsentences - Publishing 6-sentence pieces of writing
buried in the slush pile - Author and editor with focus on children's fiction
agentinthemiddle - Useful agent advice
stroppyauthor - Detailed articles on book-related topics
notmuchmore - Diverse articles from a short-story writer
fictionbitch - Funny and insightful
awfullybigblogadventure - Topical articles by a range of authors
writerinthestorm - Lots on poetry and events
scribblecitycentral - YA fiction
writebadlywell - Funny parodies of creative writing 
vulpes libres - Literary articles and reviews


Scottish Poetry Library
Read Raw - Promoting creative writing.


WriteWords - Group for writers to share work etc
Backspace - Similar to the above
My Writer Circle - Similar, but more forum-based
National Novel Writing Month - 1-month write a novel challenge - Similar!
Noodle Tools - list of opportunities for young writers
Writers' Digest - Tips, prompts and publishing advice
BBC writer info - Archive interviews with big-name writers
Positivity Blog - Life, creativity, etc!

Please let me know any that I should have included.


  1. Ooh,I haven't heard of some of those, so will definitely be having a browse, and thanks for including my blog too! I only came across Duotrope recently and it's an amazing resource. I also love Smokelong Quarterly for flash fiction.

  2. Great, thanks Máire - I'm sure I've only scraped the surface in terms of ezines!

  3. Stinging Fly doesn't accept email submissions...

  4. Oops, thanks for pointing that out, I have replaced it with Smokelong :)